Back To School?

May 19, 2013

 I could not wait to get out of school.

Didn’t care if I was a scholar or a fool.

Life can definitely some mind games play.

I applied to be a substitute teacher today.

What if I get a kid that reminds me of me?

Will I be able to inspire him/her above a C?

At least these times are much more kind.

I won’t be breaking paddles over his/her behind.

My school never thought at much I’d rate.

I only made my teachers and principal irate.

They want to sweep me out like trash with a broom.

Soon I may stand as a teacher in a classroom.

Forty years after I left town with great glee

What would they think if now they could see

The kid they wanted to see in reform school

Standing as a teacher and back in school?

So Much For A Plan

May 19, 2013

Took the truck for a quick brake check.

That’s when my day turned into a wreck.

It wasn’t the brakes that caused my alarm.

It turned out to be a broken right idler arm.

I turned it over to the mechanic’s powers

Then tried to figure out how to kill 4½ hours.

Stuck in a neighborhood with nothing to do

I figured I’d write out a verse or two.

I dropped into Peggy Sue’s Diner.

In the area the cuisine is no finer.

I hid in a corner to escape the smoke

Though my lungs probably thought that was a joke.

The service was good and the prices fair.

Now and then I would receive a slight stare.

My fellow customers saw that I had finished my bite

And maybe worried about what I did write.

They needed not to worry about what flowed from my hand.

It was just my way of saying, “So much for a plan!”

Sigh, a smoker just sat one table away.

Guess I’ll find another spot to waste my day.


May 19, 2013

Alas, Alas, my youth is far spent!

Where could have those fifty years went?

On my soul, I am just a child.

In my body, aging runs too wild!

I cannot bemoan the years that are past.

I must live the today that runs so fast.

Tomorrow may come, but no one knows.

Today is the only chance for our souls.

Memories of sin flood my head.

Without the grace of God I’d be dead.

Tears abounding cannot cleanse these sins.

The Blood of Christ alone saves our skins.

Yesterday I failed Him and today as well.

These and tomorrow’s sins on His shoulders fell.

How can I deny Him to be my soul’s Boss,

When He saved me from Hell and eternal loss?

The sun of my life is setting it’s almost gone.

Yet today He gives me a vibrant joyful song.

His Cross the only road to Heaven paved.

Today, Christ assures me that I am saved.

Today, my friend, come to His arms.

Receive forgiveness for the sin that harms

Not only your body but also your eternal soul.

Call on Jesus now! He will make you completely whole!

Yesterday is gone, tomorrow not sure.

Today is the time to receive His cure.

Don’t hesitate! Please trust Christ today!

Then we’ll walk with Him in that eternal day!

Why Rhyme?

May 19, 2013

Some ask me why I rhyme

My original verse all the time,

When there are many critics out there

That disdain such literary ware.

Guess it is because I am a common man

And so, I write with a common hand.

I write for those plain folks down home

That if there were no rhyme would see no poem.

Some write poetry esoteric and dark

And care not where on the page words park.

They do what they do and that is fine.

I can only write in a style that’s mine.

Many poets that stood the test of time

Wrote in iambic pentameter and rhyme.

In our time, this is considered conventional or lyrical.

Of course, this is subjective and not empirical.

I’d rather not argue over styles.

Such undue stress can cause you piles.

I’d much rather take the time

To compose some pithy verse in rhyme.

Texas Eagle

May 19, 2013

The Texas Eagle rolls through the heartland

And I hold my sleepin’ Dahlin’s hand.

My favorite country singer is fillin’ up my ears

While I reflect on my life’s smiles and tears.

Tellin’ my neighbors some of my life’s tales

Helps to pass the hours ridin’ these steel rails.

Passing by those dormant fields of wheat,

I can hear America’s steady heart beat.


It’s the folks in these old small towns

And not the high falutin’ Wall Street clowns

That made this country when it was great.

And they’ll do it again, you just wait.

You can keep your big city wit and charm.

Put me back down home on the farm.

I’d be with folks who are just what you see

Watchin’ the Texas Eagle roll by and proud to be free.

On Critics

May 19, 2013

Shucks, poem,

You’re looking pretty good

to me.


Look just like what I was told

You should.


Others would sneer and tear you


And say you’re not a poem

At all.


Who are they anyway?

Live on, poem, you are a product of

The heart,

The soul.

You are me.

Where Will You Be?

May 19, 2013

When the clouds burst open where will you be?

Will there be joy in your heart when Jesus you see?

Will you be running to hide from His face

Or standing there with your head hanging in disgrace/

It surely is coming and the time is near at hand

When Jesus comes to take his children to the promised land.

You played long enough saying one day I’ll get saved.

The road to Hell by good intentions has been well paved.

Yes, I saw Jesus breaking through the sky

And I thanked God that by His grace I’ll never die!

In a grave one day they might put this old shell,

But I’ll be at the throne praising the one who saved me from Hell.

Even so, come Lord Jesus, old Brother John did say.

Are you really looking forward to that resurrection day?

Do you dread the day He comes down from above

Because for you, it won’t be filled with peace and love?

When the Grim Reaper comes with his mighty plow

Will you value the things that you value now?

It’s time to stop your silly song and dance.

Call on Him to be saved while there’s still a chance!

Romans 1:22

May 19, 2013

Life is so much vanity.

We live on the brink of insanity.

This is so very, very odd

For creation is in the image of God.

We plod along in our sin

Knowing that we cannot win.

Our souls so easily we sell

To that pawnbroker of Hell.

Instead of singing, “How Great Thou Art”

We tell ourselves we are so smart.

We only want God His blessings to give

And care not what kind of life we live.

We have no concept of fear or shame

As long as we wear our religious name.

We think it matters not what road we trod.

We think they all end up with God.

We quote our doctrines, we are so cool,

But in reality, we’re a theological fool.

Throw yourself upon His matchless grace

Or He’ll be a judge you’ll have to face.

Old Men Need Love Too

May 19, 2013


He sits on the park bench dreaming of yesterday

And the love they shared before she passed away.

In his mind, he is still only twenty-two,

But his body won’t act like it used to do.

The pigeons are now his only friends.

His money is gone before his month ends.

The payment for his bills he sometimes forgets to send,

But his love for her has no end.

He care for her cat that he cussed when she was here.

As he feeds it, he murmurs and sheds a lonely tear.

Every night he climbs those old creaky stairs.

No one listens, visits, or even cares.

Time passes quickly and you, too, will soon be there

Dealing with false teeth, lumbago, and thinning hair.

How do you treat them? Look in the mirror for a clue.

Just like you, old men need love, too.

Psalm 51 (AD)

May 19, 2013

The only sacrifice you ever desired was done

On that rugged Cross by Your own holy Son.

In Your sight, I have sinned only against Thee.

The painful burden of that sin is ever with me.

If You took my life, it would be just and well.

You have every right to send my soul to Hell.

I plead for Your mercy to forgive my sin

And for the Blood to cleanse me within.

Purge me and make me whiter than snow.

With a clean heart, I’ll let others know

That they can be brought into Your fold

To walk in Your presence here, and on streets of gold.

In Thy good pleasure, restore joy in my heart.

Let not the power of Thy Spirit depart.

Keep me in Thy arms the rest of my days.

Forever, my mouth will show forth Thy praise.