Get In The Game!

August 1, 2017

Hating color is so lame
DNA is not the blame
If you’re a punk
Shooting junk
Or a hunk
Stayin’ drunk.
What you do with what you got
Is what makes you hot or snot
A bright star or a messy blot.
Quit hatin’ your perceived lot
Like your nothin’ but a Bot.
Don’t worry what you’re not
Show the world what you’ve got
Take a stand and find your slot!
You can’t win if you don’t take the shot!
But not by hangin’ on the lot
Or layin’ up in the cot
Smokin’ that funky pot
Quit actin’ like a tiny tot
Till you’re in that grave plot.
There is no one else to blame
If you’re not in the game.
All stories are just the same
The mirror tells the name
Of the one that’s lame.
Change that person’s fame
And get into the game!

January 23, 2016


Teacher Rap

August 1, 2017

The teacher said, “Yo, you’re in school!
Sit down! Quit actin’ like a fool
Cuz no one’s learnin’ when you’re tryin’ to be cool!
Sit down! Yo, you’re in school.

I can here to educate
Not to listen to you pontificate
About why you were up so late
Or the details of your last date.

I know that your Mama’s cub
But there’ll be no major hubbub
Cz you’re in school! Ah, there’s the rub!
Sit down for I am the Sub!

November 2011

For Dudes Seeking A Mate

August 1, 2017

If you want her to call you honey
You must be smart and funny.
You don’t have to be a hunk,
But you better not be a punk.

To keep her in the scene
Just treat her like a queen.
It’s always a big perk
If you’re not a total jerk.

So catch the drift my short rhyme
If you want that love for all time
She will not want to walk away
If you learn and laugh everyday.

May 16, 2017

Fire In The Hole

August 1, 2017

Whether things are good or dire,
Lord, I still need Holy Ghost fire.
It’s too easy to rely on the Flesh
Although it and the Spirit cannot mesh.

At times, like an eagle I can soar
Because I hear the Holy fire’s roar.
When I feel the burning in my chest
That is only when I can serve you best.

If I want to see my fruit surging
I must constantly obey the fire’s urging.
Let the fire my soul consume and surround
Until all that is left is holy ground.

In my heart there is a hole for you.
Let the flame be strong and ever true.
As I walk by every living soul
Let then all see the fire in the hole!


“Fire in the hole” is a warning that an explosive detonation in a confined space is imminent.” My hope is that the fire of God in me will explode and destroy the enemy’s strongholds in the ones I meet and will win them to Christ or restore them making me an Invincible Elohim Device used against the kingdom of darkness.


For My Warrior Brethren

August 1, 2017

I did not die and I do not regret.
I served and now live as a Vet.
For those who lie in the grave
I will lift my voice to rave.

They died that freedom might win.
I am proud to call them my kin.
Uniforms came in several colors
But all of them clothed my brothers.

Some fell in burning sand or mud
Others from the sky shed their blood.
Some their bodies we shall never see
For they lie in the depths of the sea.

Let’s not forget our sisters brave and true
Who walked the paths of Hell to die too.
God bless those heroic angel nurses
Who kept our boys from filling hearses.

One dear sister in World War II
Knew what she had to do.
A grenade in her bra she did place
To slow down the enemy’s pace.

How many soldier’s round her gathered
And had their bones and blood spattered?
They grabbed at her in their evil lust
Only to be turned to bloody dust.

All her sisters escaped that day
Because she walked the warrior way.
Her story they would tell to one and all
Thus she lives on many a heart’s wall.

Some came home. at least in part,
For the war never left their heart.
Some did not come back physically whole
Others came back with a sad wounded soul.

My brothers and sisters gave their all.
Will you answer when your duty calls?
I praise their lives and I do not regret
That I’m their brother, an American Vet.



August 1, 2017

I make sure that I say, “Yes, Sir”
When approached by an officer!
I don’t petition to let me go.
He’s doing his job as an LEO.

I’ve been stopped for running a red light
And even when my lights failed at night.
I did not challenge his need to inspect.
I gave him what he deserved, RESPECT!

I’ve never had a problem with the Law.
They always respond when I need to call.
I know their job is not always fun.
Too many have died by someone’s gun.

I’m old military and understand
Not everyone is a LEO fan.
To me he is a brother in a different war.
Mine in the jungle and his in the city’s core.

Are they not human and sometimes fall?
No need to kill and hate them all.
When you’re in trouble where will you go?
There’s none else to help but your LEO.


Written while I was manning the sex offender registration desk for the Cleburne PD.

Gen 1:31  And God saw every thing that he had made, and, behold, it was very good. And the evening and the morning were the sixth day.

As some of you know my wife and I took a recent vacation to Colorado and then on to the Grand Canyon and back home to the great state of Texas. When we first announced this many people told us of the beauty of both places and the how they love to see the majesty of God in those places.

I do not know at times if it is a blessing or curse, but I tend to think a bit differently then some folks. I am not a mountain man as I abhor snow. I do not even like to see it on a postcard. Hills and such with trees on them speak life to me whereas the highest peaks are normally bare rock sometimes buried under snow and that speaks death to me. The Grand Canyon is just a big hole in the ground. I guess having been in Europe and Asia and around the country has me to where a lake is a lake, a river is a river, a mountain is a mountain. The grandeur or wonder is gone for me.

The trouble is that we have all grown up living in a garbage can and we have found things in the pile that like crows we find shiny. You say, “Hey, God created this world! It is beautiful!” Well, yes and no. This is not the world and universe that God created. We are now in the world and universe that sin created. He does not say anymore that it is very good because it is very bad.

Keith Green once said during one of his concerts that “If God created the earth in six days and it is taking Him two thousand years to create our homes in Heaven, we’re livin’ in a garbage can, Man!” He is right in two ways. Indeed, six days versus two thousand years should mean some awesome construction going on. Yet again, it may well have been completed long ago. He is waiting for the last resident of Heaven in this age to be saved so the time may not be about construction but of salvation.

He is also right because of the Fall and especially the Flood, we are living in a garbage can that has been kicked over and spilled all over the universe.

Isa 55:
8  For my thoughts are not your thoughts, neither are your ways my ways, saith the LORD.
9  For as the heavens are higher than the earth, so are my ways higher than your ways, and my thoughts than your thoughts.

These verses have many applications in our lives, but what does God see when He looks at the earth and universe? He sees sin, death and destruction. None of that was in the universe He created. Indeed, nothing here is like what He created. It may be similar, but in a mutated, weakened, and dying form.

Even our blue sky is thought to have been pink before the Flood. A fellow in Glen Rose, TX has done experiments with pink light. Insects in a pink light atmosphere actually grow larger and live longer. So God is not a Tar Heel fan because the sky He created was not Carolina blue. Oxygen levels and other atmospheric conditions were far different than now.

Imagine what creatures looked like if they lived longer and grew larger. The Komodo dragon lives 20 years and grows a foot a year. What if it lived one or two hundred years before the Flood? I do not want to meet the 20 foot version let alone the two hundred foot model.

If the sky was pink, was the water blue? What other plants might be a different color under a pink sky? Nutrients in the earth were greater. How tall did the redwoods grow? Was your favorite bush a tree? The changes are noticeable in the fossil record for many creatures are extinct and yet some have remained almost the same through the millenniums. Dragonflies are nice to look at now, but ones with wingspans of two feet might be menacing.

What did people look like? What was considered beautiful back then? Beauty standards have been extremely different over the centuries by the numerous cultures. What did Adam and Eve look like? Were they fit and trim as we see it? Did they look like bodybuilders? We know their were groups of people who were quite tall and mighty. Too bad, there was no FaceBook back then.

Gen 7:20  Fifteen cubits upward did the waters prevail; and the mountains were covered.

The flood waters were 22.5 feet above the mountains. We do not know how tall mountains were before the flood, but with the breaking up of the earth to allow the subterranean waters to come up and the crashing down of the ice barrier above the earth there had to be violent upheavals and changes in tides as well as volcanic action and buckling of the crust which certainly increased the size of mountains and the depth of valleys and canyons. The erosion factor is mind boggling.

Indeed, we are a world in decay as the Second Law of Thermodynamics clearly shows. If God did not say He was going to step in before the world fell completely apart or before mankind causes its own extinction there would be no hope. Evolutionists agree that the universe is dying, but they have no hope because they do not understand its cause nor understand a Creator who intervenes in what man and sin has done to His Creation to bless as well as to judge.

Isa_61:3  To appoint unto them that mourn in Zion, to give unto them beauty for ashes, the oil of joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of heaviness; that they might be called trees of righteousness, the planting of the LORD, that he might be glorified.

God put a beautiful bow in sky after judgment to give us hope in this world that is dying and is desolate in comparison to it original state. He could have made it so we could no longer see color and live in a sin dark and death gray world. Yet, as much color as we see, how much more did we see before the Fall? We have bad eyes. Still, as He promised to those in Zion to give beauty for ashes, He also allowed some beauty after the His wrath judged the wickedness of the people.

You may say, “How can I really enjoy the world now that you told me how messed up it is?” It might be a good thing if the world loses its allure now that it is obvious that we are not clear in our eyes, thoughts or ways compared to God. We might be less tied to it and its illusions. We might be less distracted as we are drawn more to our eternal home and loosen our tent stakes here. He gave us some grace and beauty to help us through the nasty now and now, but knowing that the our life and eternal joy is not here should make Him and it more compelling to dwell on.

Remember, that eye hath not seen not ear has heard all that the Lord has prepared for those who love Him. We are so messed up with our thinking and definitions of beauty that we are really not doing it justice when we imagine and often adamantly decide what Heaven looks like. You are looking at the aftermath of cataclysmic destruction and calling it beautiful. Do you really feel qualified to even make a stab at what Heaven looks like?

I do not put stock in near death experiences of either Heaven or Hell for reasons I cannot go into here as this message is already lengthy. I do not believe anyone has seen either and returned.

I do want to make some applications here for those who are feeling like this old earth. You feel broken up and tossed about. You feel like you have endured a flood of failures, pains and griefs. You look at yourself as not beautiful and maybe even God forsaken or you have been spewed out of a volcano. You may feel bashed and mashed or tossed upon in a violent sea.

The good news is that just as God has not walked away from the mess this world is in and will recreate His universe wiping away all the mess, He can and will do the same for you if you come to Him. If you have never received Christ as Savior, now is the time and all things will become new as you will become a new creation. Old things will pass away.

Maybe you are a believer and you have screwed up your life royally through sin or other failures. You may have been burned by lava of some carnal Christian’s or tare’s mouth. You look at your life and it looks like Nagasaki or Hiroshima after the nuke hit and you have no idea what piece of debris to pick up first.

Rom 11:29  For the gifts and calling of God are without repentance.

You can run like Jonah. You can fail like David and many others, but if God called you and gifted you then it is time to stop running. It is time to seek forgiveness and receive it and your restoration and renewal and get to where God called you to be and do what He called you to do. All is not lost.

Joel 2:25  And I will restore to you the years that the locust hath eaten, the cankerworm, and the caterpiller, and the palmerworm, my great army which I sent among you.

God is the ultimate renovator and restorer. He can make the rest of your life far more fruitful than all of the years that have passed. You just need to come, confess and receive the love and forgiveness He has for you.

What will the saints think of you? Well, if they are right with God themselves they will rejoice over the prodigal that came home and will receive you in love as they were received when they were saved and when they failed.

1Ch_16:29  Give unto the LORD the glory due unto his name: bring an offering, and come before him: worship the LORD in the beauty of holiness

Once you are saved or restored, you can walk in the beauty of holiness and He can give you new eyes and ears to see and hear far differently than you have ever seen or heard before. There is beauty after judgment. Maranatha!!!

The Buffet Is Open

June 11, 2017

Went to Asian Buffet and I always get a kick out of the messages in the fortune cookies. One made no sense at all, but I could do a sermon on this one.

“Hungry is the man who finds salvation in a cookie.”

A physically starving man might be saved from death by a cookie or maybe more like a dozen. I might go this way.

Starving is the man who tries to find salvation in anything or anyone other than Jesus Christ.

Many are starving and dying while stuffing all sorts of things into their minds and souls. And if they reject the Bread of Life they will die in their sins. (John 6:35) There is only one way to be saved.

John 14:6  Jesus saith unto him, I am the way, the truth, and the life: no man cometh unto the Father, but by me.

1Tim 2:5  For there is one God, and one mediator between God and men, the man Christ Jesus;

That is the final answer. While I like buffets because I can choose what I want and how much, but there is no salvation buffet.

The world may spread a buffet before you and the items may look good and even be tasty, but the end of that is a spiritual form of Gastroptosis. You eat and eat, but there is no absorption of nutrients and because your stomach is malformed from the disease you may even feel full and look fat while losing weight. Yet, you are sickly. On a spiritual plane, you will ultimately die and lose your soul feeling content with yourself and even be at peace with the thought of dying. The symptoms are deceiving. You starve your soul to death, but feel fine.

There are cures for Gastroptosis. There is only one cure for the spiritual form of that. You must taste and see that the Lord is good and desire the sincere milk of the Word that you may grow until you can handle spiritual meat. (Psalm 34:8, 1 Peter 2:2, Heb 5:12-14)

Just as a chicken dies to gives us life as we take in his flesh or the milk of a cow is transformed in us so we must eat of His flesh and drink His blood by faith appropriating it in us. It is not transformed, but rather we are transformed and become of His flesh and blood.

Mat 26:26  And as they were eating, Jesus took bread, and blessed it, and brake it, and gave it to the disciples, and said, Take, eat; this is my body.
27  And he took the cup, and gave thanks, and gave it to them, saying, Drink ye all of it;
28  For this is my blood of the new testament, which is shed for many for the remission of sins.

One day we will sit at a banquet table with a buffet spread before us if come to Him now to receive life.

Rev 19:9  And he saith unto me, Write, Blessed are they which are called unto the marriage supper of the Lamb. And he saith unto me, These are the true sayings of God.

Will you be invited? You will if you come to Him for the forgiveness of your sins. Ask for forgiveness because He paid your debt on the Cross. He signed you pardon with His blood and you sign it with your faith in what He did for you. You cannot earn it. It is a gift. The Son of God did the work and His resurrection proved God the Father accepted the sacrifice. When you are saved, God the Holy Spirit will come into your life as a guide and teacher so you can grow into a mature child of God equipped with gifts to fulfill your role as a Warrior Prince/Princess in the Kingdom. His hand is outstretched to you. He bids you come and dine! You can ask for no greater invitation. Maranatha!

Dear God, I come to you as a sinner needing forgiveness. Your Son, Jesus Christ, came to earth born of a virgin to have a body so He could pay for the sins of men by His death on a cruel Cross. He rose on the third day and now sits at your right hand. I ask you to forgive my sins because I believe in what He did for mankind and me. Fill me with the Holy Spirit and teach me to walk as I should walk in this life that I glorify you and serve you as a son/daughter. Thank you for this free gift! Amen!!!

Isa 20:2 At the same time spake the LORD by Isaiah the son of Amoz, saying, Go and loose the sackcloth from off thy loins, and put off thy shoe from thy foot. And he did so, walking naked and barefoot.
3 And the LORD said, Like as my servant Isaiah hath walked naked and barefoot three years for a sign and wonder upon Egypt and upon Ethiopia;
4 So shall the king of Assyria lead away the Egyptians prisoners, and the Ethiopians captives, young and old, naked and barefoot, even with their buttocks uncovered, to the shame of Egypt.

Walking around without your outer garment in that day was considered being naked. i don’t suspect many of our sports wear and swim suits would have been considered modest. In fact, much of what we wear would be immodest by OT and NT standards or even the standards of 60 years ago or so,

Those taken captive would be showing their buttocks. Scholars debate if Isaiah was just in his undergarments or actually naked. I think they feel God would not embarrass Isaiah like that. If he was to be a sign and wonder, he may well have been naked. A man walking in his underwear would attract attention, but a naked one more-so.

God does sometimes require His people, especially prophets. to do some things that we would consider embarrassing. When you are a dignitary for God your dignity may have to be put aside to accomplish your calling. Are you willing to be undignified to be His dignitary? I don’t think He will ask you to walk naked, but if He did would you do it?


Galatians 4:16  Am I therefore become your enemy, because I tell you the truth?

I have asked a similar question to many folks over the years. When they find out I am a preacher, they will often ask me questions and then get mad when I answer because it is not the one they wanted.

Even in college, the lads would compliment me on how fast I took a test and got an A.  Then we would discuss an issue or verse and suddenly I was not as smart in their eyes if I disagreed with their position.

I was especially under a bit of stress when the Sunday Night Bible Study group I was leading wanted to discuss women especially since the question was “why does the Bible have such a low view of women?”.   That is when I started writing out my sermons.  As an Assistant Pastor, I knew someone might disagree with something and speak ill of me to the Pastor.  Thus, I wanted black and white evidence that I handed out to all of my students.

That had already happened once when I taught Hosea at another church and a young lady took offense to something I said because her preacher Daddy taught a different view.  she did run to the Assistant Pastor and came close to accusing me of heresy. Fortunately, he was not of the same opinion as her Daddy so I lived to teach another day, but she was very upset.

I also survived the series on women and those lessons became the basis for my first book.  Still, it is interesting how people react to something different.

I know too many people who quote some teacher and have his teachings in a mental red book like the Chinese have a literal red book by Chairman Mao that they memorize.

I always told people I taught not to do that with me, but If I am wrong, do not leave me in my ignorance.  My only requirements were to be respectful and loving when you come to my office to instruct me and to bring Scripture in content as that is the only thing that counts.  Opinions, feelings, personal convictions, Grandma’s proverbs or Dr. Goodwords’ thought from the media really do not matter if they are based upon sound doctrine.

Just because that is how you always did something or that “ain’t the way I heered it” does not make it wrong.  We heard about many things that were not true like the tooth fairy, Easter Bunny and Santa Claus growing up, but we grew up and found out the truth.  Many of our theological ritual, rules, and other traditions can and often do fall into that same category.  Someone meant well when they taught you something like the young lady’s Daddy who said God did not tell Hosea to marry a prostitute, but they could be wrong.

I have always been a questioner, a paradigm challenger, a Maverick and whatever the current fad word for that kind of person is these days.  I want my Kool-Aid cyanide free and I know that the majority is not always right hence we had steam boats, aircraft and space travel contrary to majority opinion.  It is like 20 out of 30 kids in a classroom saying 2+2 is 5 does not make it correct.  Much common consensus is not necessarily common sense.  Indeed, I think common sense has passed away after being in the ICU since the 60’s,

So, if I, or another person, tell you something contrary to your beliefs don’t get angry or smack us with your large print Bible.  Search the Bible like the Bereans  and see if these things are so.  If they ate, thank us for showing you the truth. If they aren’t then come in the right spirit to teach us,  Iron sharpens iron so let us all study to correctly interpret the Word and keep each other safe and accountable.  Maranatha!